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Future development activities and services in the domain of advanced grids and energy transition and renewable energy sources.

Who we are

Grid ONE is a start-up company founded in 2020. Our main domain is in the field of electrical engineering, with a focus on power systems and activities in the field of energy transition and renewable energy sources. Equipped with experience from numerous projects, Grid ONE makes its services available for all project development phases, from conceptualizing to operation. Our key is a flexible and agile approach to project development. Although the company is a fairly young startup, it is rapidly finding its place in the market. In our business, we emphasize the quality of products and services, communication and client satisfaction.

Our Services

Our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, providing customized solutions that are both effective and efficient. From project management and consulting to implementation and support, we are committed to delivering exceptional service and results.

Project design

Grid studies for RES

Research and development


Our Mission & Vision


Grid ONE is an engineering company focused on development activities and services in the domain of advanced grids and energy transition. With its knowledge and experience, it contributes to the green and digital transition, as well as to the modernization and optimization of the energy infrastructure.


Grid ONE is a research and development hub of products and services for the needs of an advanced power grid. As a generator of advanced solutions, Grid ONE contributes to the development and connection of research, engineering and local communities.

“Science can amuse and fascinate us all, but it is engineering that changes the world.”

Isaac Asimov

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